Guest Appreciation Weekend

September 2011


I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am.Is it the green you will not eat? Give me a brush and I will fix this treat.
Name your color. I have all the inks—blue, red…or maybe pink, I think.

Pink eggs and ham? Pink eggs and ham! Silly Sam, silly Sam, whenever I can!
Wherever, however, with whomever I must—it is for pink eggs and ham I lust.
But before you prepare that delectable dish—I beseech you, I beg you, I have one wish.

Green eggs and ham to pink they will go, but for this one time only, I hope you know.
And since you’ve agreed taste my colorful dish, I will listen to your one wish.

Deep in the heart of Texas, hours past Dallas, stands a beach hotel known to all as Pink Palace.
And as summer comes to a close and autumn draws near, a gathering occurs once a year.
A renowned celebration, revelry of grand fame, Guest Appreciation Weekend is its name.

A legendary festival on a far distant shore? Interested I am. Tell me more, tell me more.

The weekend of the 16th and 17th of September, written on thirteen calendars in hopes I’d remember.
Friday is for preparation and drinking games galore, but find some rest that night, your body to restore.
With Saturday’s sun, comes breakfast in the morn, then off to the gulf, beach sand to adorn.
As the day gives way to dusk, to the Pink Palace we retire, for a feast fit for a king and a night of music by his squires.
So how about a vacation, to the coast we will go. What happens in Port “A” leaves on Monday you know.
Rooms are available at a wonderful price. A couple of dollars, a peso, and a few pounds will suffice.
We’ll ask friends—the Grinch, the Cat in the Hat, even a Sneetch or two. We can invite the Lorax, Horton, and young Gerald McGrew.
It is BYOB, so we must bring what we drink. I say tequila, gin, & vodka. We’ll mix them right in the sink.
What say you, Sam, of this party I boast? Will you join my adventure to the coast?

What a weekend! What a thrill! To GAW, go we will. But before I grant your one wish, let’s not forgot our colorful dish. Made with care by my own hand, I present to you Pink Eggs & Ham.

LOnG STORY SHORT…OPEN PARTY @ THE HOTEL on Saturday, September 17th!!! Food, drinks, & music provided, but feel free to bring more.

until again, nero

SandFest 2011

In 2001, the Texas Legislature voted SandFest the official Texas Sand Sculpture Festival. SandFest is now one of the largest beach events in Texas and one of the largest sand sculpturing competitions in the United States.

In 2006 SandFest received a City of Port Aransas Proclamation designating SandFest as the City’s premier family beach event.

Team Port Aransas Inn

The Masters

 Pink-O-Ween 2010

Come forth—monsters, misfits, & misanthropes! Rise from the depths—my demons, devils, and undead legions! The reckoning draws near…a single weekend of mischief and mayhem where the division between our world and theirs is momentarily blurred. All Hallow’s Eve is upon us.

I have been remiss in my duties. I should have contacted you all many moons ago. But today I have but one question to ax, “Where else would you rather be for Halloween?” I know, I know…you wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere other than your Pink Palace. So come join us for a quick decay-tion at Port Scare-ansas Inn on Fright-day, Shock-tober 29th through Sunday, bloody Sunday, the 31st for Pink-O-Ween!!!

          For those of you who were planning on contracting swine flu that weekend, I say, “Come anyway.” Get a hospital gown, a bedpan, & a sexy companion as a nurse, and turn your illness into a killer costume. But please no coffin on any of our guests. Furthermore, for those of you concerned about getting to church on Sunday to confess your sins, we will gladly tell you witch way to Sunday morning mass-acre. Please disregard the horns that support our haloes. So for one hallowed night, I call forth to the mummies, the dead-dies, & their zombie brood…I beesech you–vampires, wolfmen, & my undead brethren…lend me your ears (for the lepers in the audience, I didn’t mean “lend me your ears” the way you’re thinking)…I SCREAM out into the dark night ALLOW ME TO BE YOUR (G)HOST FOR Pink-O-Ween!!!

We have no desire to chain you in our pink dungeon on Fright-day night, so roam free like marauding Vandals from the north through our small island village. Worry not about the castle. As Cerberus at the gates of Hades, I will stand watch with an army of lost souls and spirits, such as Franken-wine, Bloody Mary, and Witch’s brew. (Those are my kind of spirits. Mooo -ha-ha-ha!!! I made a joke.)

For those who remain by their own freewill (and possibly shackles), we will gather around our inground chlorinated vat (pool & hot tub). Bring your blood bath-ing suits as we will ignite fire & brimstone under the cauldron if necessary (that means we may heat the pool). Also, we will artistically dissect entrants for the pink pumpkin carving contest Saturday…bring your own cutting devices. Finally, those who dare may risk their soul on the whims of a bouncing ball in blood-pong.

On Saturday evening as the moon rise, we immolate raw flesh (grill out) and consume spirits in to the night. And listen the rhythmic channeling (live music) of Marc “of the Beast” Wiles.

Book early, book often…We hope you will be-heading down join us. Finally, please RSVP that you’ve received you invitation to our Port Scare-ansas Inn Pink-O-Ween!!!

Until again, Nero

PS. Other noteworthy details…This years costume theme is childrens story book & nursey rhyme characters. We have extended this to Also included childrens cartoon characters and puppets, but avoid superheroes. You do not have to wear a costume  in line with the theme (or any costume at all for that matter), but it certainly makes for a cooler picture. If you want to keep others from, dressing up as the same character, please feel free to “comment” with your costume. Also, for this years Pumpikin Carving Contest, we ask that all entrants arrive with EITHER their own pumpkins PRE-carved on Friday OR carve up one of ours Friday night. We’ll make them “pink” Saturday morning, and have them out to be judged that evening.